Court of Appeal of Quebec

The Highest Court in Quebec

The Court of Appeal has been in continuous existence since 1849 and is the highest court in Quebec. In the vast majority of cases, the Court of Appeal is the final arbiter of the matters brought before it. Through its commitment to judicial independence and impartiality, and its efforts to ensure access to justice, it stands today as one of the primary bastions of the rule of law in Quebec.

The Honourable David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced the following appointment at the Court of Appeal of...

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Practice Direction G-3 (Technological Version of Briefs, Memoranda and Books of Authorities) has been slightly modified in order to provide certain...

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In order to pursue the Court's activities in compliance with the government's recommendations, hearings of appeals and motions by videoconference will...

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Administrative law - coroner’s report - suicide - Chief Coroner - further investigation - allegations of bullying and harassment

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Brunelle c. R.

Criminal – assault – bodily harm – road rage – self-defence – criteria – state of mind – vengeance – speed of the attack


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Civil procedure - appeal - right to appeal - requirement for leave - proceeding dismissed - abuse of procedure - appeal improperly initiated


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Virtual courtrooms

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COVID-19 Pandemic - Update

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Pilots projects currently underway

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MOTIONS CALENDAR - Availability of panels of three judges or a judge in chambers


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