Court of Appeal of Quebec

Notices in penal matters

Clerk's Practice Direction in penal matters

Section 73 of the Regulation of the Court of Appeal of Quebec in Penal Matters authorizes the Clerk to publish a directive to explain and facilitate proper understanding of this Regulation.  These Practices Directions may be reviewed and amended from time to time.

Below you will find a list of the Practice Directions published to date in penal matters.

Clerk's Practice Direction NOTE
Clerk's Practice Direction No.3 - Digital office of the Court of Appeal (DOCA): Pilot project respecting the electronic filing of notices of appeal and applications for leave to appeal in civil, criminal, extradition and penal matters Formerly Practice Direction G-9, C-2 and P-1. These three Practice Directions were REPEALED on October 3, 2022 and replaced by Clerk's Practice Direction No.3 which now combines these three Practices Direction into one.


Guidelines concerning the use of technological devices in courtrooms