Court of Appeal of Quebec

Rolls - Motions presentable before a panel

  • In Montreal, motions presentable before a panel (three judges) are heard each Monday when the Court sits (in civil, criminal and penal matters) in the Pierre-Basile Mignault (RC-08) Courtroom at 9:30 a.m. 

  • In Quebec City, motions presentable before a panel (three judges) are heard one Monday a month (in civil, criminal and penal matters) in Courtroom 4.33 at 9:30 a.m. 

  • For counsel, the wearing of a "gown, bands, white collared shirt and dark garment" are obligatory.

  • The party filling the application must reserve a presentation date by phoning the Court office (s. 66 par. 5 R.C.A.Q.Civ.M.) [Montreal: 514-393-2022; Quebec : 418-649-3401]. A limited number of applications are heard on each hearing day, hence the need to reserve a place on the roll. For the available dates for presenting an application before a panel, see Calendar- Available hearing dates – Motions 

  • For information regarding the documents attached to an application and necessary for its adjudication, please see section 67 R.C.A.Q.Civ.M.

  • For more information, please consult the Aide-mémoire and the section "Applications in the Course of a Procceding".
Checklist for filing applications
A checklist is available to ensure that your application satisfy the required form of presentation. To see the checklist: Checklist for Applications and Books of authorities

Rolls for motions presentable before a panel

***Please note that the roll is published during the week prior to the date of presentation***