Court of Appeal of Quebec

Rolls - Motions presentable before a panel

  • In Montreal, motions presentable before a panel (three judges) are heard each Monday when the Court sits (in civil, criminal and penal matters) in the Pierre-Basile Mignault (RC-08) Courtroom at 9:30 a.m. 

  • In Quebec City, motions presentable before a panel (three judges) are heard one Monday a month (in civil, criminal and penal matters) in Courtroom 4.33 at 9:30 a.m. 

  • For counsel, the wearing of a "gown, bands, white collared shirt and dark garment" are obligatory.

  • For an application before the Court, the applicant shall reserve a presentation date with the clerk and file the application within five working days of the date on which this reservation was made. Failure to submit the application within this time limit will result in the reservation being cancelled without further notice. However, a new reservation can be made (s. 66 par. 5 R.C.A.Q.Civ.M. & s. 53 par. 5 R.C.A.Q.C.M.) [Montreal: 514-393-2022; Quebec: 418-649-3401].

  • A limited number of applications are heard on each hearing day, hence the need to reserve a place on the roll. For the available dates for presenting an application before a panel, see Calendar- Available hearing dates – Motions

  • Each copy of an application must be accompanied by a copy of all the documents necessary for its considerationsection (s. 67 R.C.A.Q.Civ.M. & s. 54 R.C.A.Q.C.M.).

  • For more information, please consult the Aide-mémoire and the section "Applications in the Course of a Procceding".
Checklist for filing applications
A checklist is available to ensure that your application satisfy the required form of presentation. To see the checklist: Checklist for preparing and filing applications

Rolls for motions presentable before a panel

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