Court of Appeal of Quebec

The Highest Court in Quebec

The Court of Appeal has been in continuous existence since 1849 and is the highest court in Quebec. In the vast majority of cases, the Court of Appeal is the final arbiter of the matters brought before it. Through its commitment to judicial independence and impartiality, and its efforts to ensure access to justice, it stands today as one of the primary bastions of the rule of law in Quebec.

OTTAWA, May 17, 2022 — The Supreme Court of Canada is pleased to announce the two cases it will hear when it sits outside Ottawa in September for the...

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Given the recent easing of the health guidelines, please note that as of May 16, 2022, masks will no longer be mandatory in courtrooms at the Court of...

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An aide-memoire is now available to remind parties and counsel participating in a Court hearing by videoconference of the best practices they must...

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Fraud - collusion - awarding of municipal contracts - jury trial - sentence

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Class action - authorization - consumer protection - composition of group - representative - colour of right - common questions

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Liberalities - universal legacy - spouse - divorce - revocation by operation of law - subsidiary legacy - validity - interpretation of art. 764 C.C.Q.

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Virtual courtrooms

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COVID-19 Pandemic - Update

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Pilots projects currently underway

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