Court of Appeal of Quebec

Virtual courtrooms

Motion presentable before a judge alone

The Court is offering parties and counsel the possibility of presenting their motions before a judge alone by way of videoconference, in a “virtual courtroom”, from the location of their choice (home or office), without the need to travel. This approach, which complies with the social distancing requirements of the current health emergency, will be favoured and will, save for certain exceptions, make it possible to deal with most motions that fall within the jurisdiction of the Court’s judges sitting alone, in all matters and no longer in only urgent ones.

Upon receipt of a motion intended for a judge alone, the Court office will contact the parties or their counsel, as the case may be, in order to provide them with the necessary information.

Appeals on merits

As of May 25, 2020, the Court will resume, on a regular basis, the hearing of appeals and motions presentable before a panel. In order to comply with the physical distancing requirements resulting from the current situation, these hearings will be held by videoconference, in "virtual courtroom" mode (unless the matter is to proceed without a hearing - see under "Appeals decided without a hearing" at Parties or counsel will therefore be able to participate in a hearing from the location of their choice (home or office), without the need to travel. The Court office will contact the parties or counsel concerned in order to make the necessary arrangements for this purpose. Please take note that a virtual hearing may not be appropriate for certain matters, in which case the Court office will also contact those concerned.

Contact information for the offices of the Court

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