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Notices in penal matters

Clerk's Practice Direction in penal matters

Section 73 of the Regulation of the Court of Appeal of Quebec in Penal Matters authorizes the Clerk to publish a directive to explain and facilitate proper understanding of this Regulation.  These Practices Directions may be reviewed and amended from time to time.

Below you will find a list of the Practice Directions published to date in penal matters.

Clerk's Practice Direction NOTE
Clerk's Practice Direction No.3 - Digital office of the Court of Appeal (DOCA): Pilot project respecting the electronic filing of notices of appeal and applications for leave to appeal in civil, criminal, extradition and penal matters

Issued: October 3, 2022
Revised: March 11, 2024
Clerk's Practice Direction No.11 - Statutory and Regulatory Provisions Reproduced in Schedule II to a Brief or Memorandum

Issued: April 18, 2024


List of judgments deemed to be part of a book of authorities in penal matters (s. 43 R.C.A.Q.P.M.)

In accordance with s. 43 of the Regulation of the Court of Appeal of Quebec in Penal matters (R.C.A.Q.P.M.), the Court publishes a list of judgments that parties are exempt from including in their book of authorities. The case law included in this list is deemed to be part of the book of authorities. The Court is familiar with these judgments, which are frequently relied on before it. However, if a party wishes to draw the attention of the Court to one or more of these judgments, it may limit itself to including relevant excerpts (along with the preceding and succeeding pages) together with the headnote of the judgment (if available) (s. 42 para. 4 R.C.A.Q.P.M.).

This list does not constitute an exhaustive list of relevant judgments for any particular subject matter, nor an opinion in that regard.


List of judgments in penal matters

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