Court of Appeal of Quebec

Wearing of medical masks in courtrooms

As a result of changes in the health guidelines, the Court of Appeal has revised its directive dated April 7, 2021 regarding the wearing of medical masks in its courtrooms.

As of Monday, June 14, 2021, wearing a medical mask will be mandatory when moving around in a courtroom.

While it is recommended that a medical mask be worn at all times, it may nevertheless be removed in a courtroom if you are seated and not speaking and provided the two-metre physical distancing is maintained. In addition, when counsel or litigants are addressing a judge or the Court, they may remove their masks.

Please note that, in accordance with the directive issued by the Sous-ministériat des services à l’organisation of the Ministère de la Justice, it is still mandatory to wear a mask in the common areas of courthouses.

The Court of Appeal is counting on everyone’s cooperation to maintain its judicial activities. To that end, please:

  • Limit your movements within the courtrooms;
  • Respect the ceiling on the maximum number of people permitted to be inside a courtroom;
  • Wear a medical mask in accordance with this directive.

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