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Visit of the Supreme Court of Canada to Quebec City in September 2022

News release issued by the Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA, September 1, 2021 – The Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada, announced today that the Supreme Court of Canada will visit Québec City from September 12 to 16, 2022, to hear two appeals and meet with Quebecers. It will be the second time in history the Court will sit outside of Ottawa. In 2019, the Court visited Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“The Court’s goal in sitting outside of Ottawa again is to make this a tradition,” said the Chief Justice. “This initiative is part of the Court’s continued commitment to increasing access to justice and providing opportunities for members of the public to learn more about their justice system and, in particular, to see how the Court’s decisions affect everyone’s lives. This visit will also be an exceptional opportunity to make people aware of how the various courts in Quebec function.”

Quebec’s courts — the Court of Appeal, the Superior Court and the Court of Québec — are in fact working with the Supreme Court to prepare for this very special visit. “We are all delighted about this unique legal encounter. Welcoming the highest court in the land is a major event for everyone, especially those connected in some way with the legal community. The Supreme Court’s presence in Québec City will contribute not only to building ties with the public, but also to demystifying the justice system,” said the Chief Justice of Quebec, the Honourable Manon Savard.

As it did while in Winnipeg, the Court will participate in several activities in which it will meet with the general public and members of various communities, including students and the legal community. Further details on the two appeals and the other activities will be announced closer to the time of the Court’s visit.

For further information, please contact:
Renée Thériault
Executive Legal Officer
(613) 996-9296

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