Court of Appeal of Quebec

Retirement of Justice Lorne Giroux

On July 3, 2020, Justice Lorne Giroux will retire from the Court of Appeal of Quebec. Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeal on February 25, 2005, he had a distinguished academic career for more than 35 years at the Faculty of Law of the Université Laval, where he wrote extensively in the areas of municipal law, environmental law, public law and land use planning law. Concurrently, he worked in private practice in these same areas, which required him to plead regularly before various courts in Quebec.

Over the past fifteen years, the Court of Appeal has benefited from the multiple talents of this remarkable jurist. His contribution to the Court’s opinions has marked the jurisprudence and will continue to shape it for a long time to come. “His depth of analysis, his versatility and his capacity to work, combined with his extensive legal knowledge, made him an invaluable colleague, whom everyone enjoyed consulting and working with. We will miss his presence on the Court,” said Chief Justice Manon Savard. His colleagues at the Court wish him all the best. Enjoy your retirement Lorne!

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