Court of Appeal of Quebec

Retirement of Justice Jacques Dufresne

On February 1, 2021, Justice Jacques Dufresne will retire from the Court of Appeal of Quebec. Justice Dufresne, a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Université de Sherbrooke (LL.L 1972) and member of the Quebec Bar (from 1974 to 1998), worked successively in the firms of Blanshay and Blanshay (1974-1975), Corbeil, Groleau & Dufresne (1975-1988) and Ogilvy Renault (1988-1998). At the time of his appointment to the Court of Appeal on May 13, 2005, he had sat on the Superior Court of Quebec since 1998.

Justice Dufresne, an exemplary, always affable and carefully prepared colleague, brought to the Court of Appeal his innate sense of justice and moderation, as well as his extensive knowledge of positive law. “The Court benefitted from his great qualities as a jurist, which were coupled with remarkable judgment and wisdom. The unwavering confidence shown in him by his colleagues over the years demonstrates the esteem in which they hold him and the regret they will feel at no longer being able to count on his sound advice and his presence at the Court and among them,” stated Chief Justice Manon Savard. His colleagues extend their best wishes to him on his retirement.

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