Court of Appeal of Quebec

Message from the Chief Justice of Québec

The Court of Appeal of Quebec wishes to acknowledge the significant contribution of all members of the Quebec Bar to its work. Pleading before the Court of Appeal is an important and enriching professional development experience for new litigators, and also serves to enhance their practice.

In this regard, during appeal hearings on the merits, sharing the time allotted for oral arguments between seasoned litigators and those more recently admitted to the Bar, the latter having often substantially participated in preparing a case, is a practice that greatly contributes to passing on knowledge and skills and to the vitality of the justice system as a whole. The Court of Appeal therefore encourages counsel to implement this practice, keeping within the time allotted for oral arguments and limiting litigators to a maximum of two, the whole in accordance with the procedural rules of the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal reiterates its commitment to creating a space in which the Bar’s youngest voices can be heard in the courtroom.

The Hon. Manon Savard, C.J.Q.

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