Court of Appeal of Quebec

How to file an appeal in criminal matters

Dissatisfied with a decision of the Court of Quebec or of the Superior Court, one can file an appeal, depending on the nature of the decision. It is highly recommended at this stage that a lawyer be consulted in order to at least verify if a right to appeal is provided in law and, if so, if leave to appeal is necessary or not. In the former case, a motion for leave to appeal will be required while in the latter case, for an appeal as of right, only a notice of appeal must be filed. A reading of the pertinent articles related to the appeal contained in the Criminal Code (sections 673 ss. as well as sections 839 ss. Cr.C. and articles 291 ss. C.P.P.) is imperative. One must act diligently, as an appeal must be brought within 30 days of the date of the judgement, except as otherwise provided by a specific statute.