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Reminder: pilot project: use of timing light in the montreal courtrooms of the court of appeal

August 23, 2018

Members of the Bar are requested to note that during the 2018 fall session, specifically from August 27 to December 14, 2018, the Court of Appeal will begin using a system of timing lights for hearings held in its the Montreal courtrooms. This system will provide counsel with visual cues regarding the time remaining for their oral submissions.

The Court of Appeal’s Montreal courtrooms have been equipped for this purpose for several years. The system is similar to that used at the Supreme Court of Canada and in other appellate courts. However, it has been many years since the system has fallen out of use at the Court of Appeal.

The system was recently used, with great success, in the pyrrhotite files. During their most recent assembly, the judges of the Court agreed to launch a pilot project implementing this system in all appeals heard in Montreal, beginning in the 2018 fall session.

As such, beginning August 27, 2018, a green light will be activated approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled end of a party’s oral argument. The judge presiding over the panel will change the light to yellow when 10 minutes of oral argument remain. The light will change to red when the allocated time has expired.

These lights will be used only for hearings of appeals on the merits. The lights will not be used for the hearing of motions or applications before a panel or before a judge sitting alone.

The Chief Justice will review the pilot project in December 2018, and decide whether it is appropriate to continue using the system during the 2019 winter and spring sessions. The Bar will also be consulted to this end.


PDF version of the notice: Notice of the Chief JusticeThis link open a pdf file in a new window.(120 KB)

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