Court of Appeal of Quebec

Amendments to Practice Directions G-6 & G-7

January 25, 2018

The Clerk’s Practice Directions G-6 and G-7 have been amended as follows:

1) An explanatory note has been added indicating that the parties must attach to their applications all documents necessary for the consideration of an application, including those documents already in the Court record. Contrary to current practice at the Superior Court and the Court of Quebec, records at the Court of Appeal remain in the Clerk’s office and only the relevant application and its attached schedules are distributed to the judges charged with deciding the application.

2) A list of schedules is now required.

3) Parties are encouraged to separate each schedule to their applications with a tab.

4) Parties are also encouraged to file a technological version of their schedules on a USB key.

These amendments shall come into force immediately.

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