Court of Appeal of Quebec

Justices at the Court of Appeal of Quebec: overview of vacant positions

June 07, 2018

As of June 5, 2018, three judicial positions remain vacant at the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

Having previously announced his decision to do so, Justice Jean Bouchard began sitting as a supernumerary judge on September 1, 2017; Justice Yves-Marie Morissette did the same beginning November 8th. They have not yet been replaced by the appropriate federal authorities.

In addition, in December 2016, two new judicial positions were created to ensure the effective functioning of the Court following an amendment to section 6 of the Courts of Justice Act (CQLR, c. T-16) which increased the number of judges from 20 to 22. One of these positions was filled in August 2017 by the appointment of Justice Claudine Roy, the other position remains vacant.

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